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    5 FADE
    Click here for current Mass schedule https://holyfamilysanjose.org/stage-15-1 _self
    Thanksgiving Day Mass is at 10am click here for more information https://holyfamilysanjose.org/events/parish-office-closed-29 _self
    Gifts to Celebrate Advent - Dec 5 click here for more info https://holyfamilysanjose.org/events/gifts-to-celebrate-advent-1 _self
    Wednesday, December 8 Masses at 8am and 7pm
    Our Lady of Guadalupe - Dec 11 @8am Click here for more info. https://holyfamilysanjose.org/events/our-lady-of-guadalupe-2 _self
    An Advent Concert - Dec 12 @2pm click here for more info https://holyfamilysanjose.org/events/an-advent-concert _self
    Advent Reconciliation Service - Dec 13 @7pm Click here for more info https://holyfamilysanjose.org/events/advent-reconciliation-service-1 _self
    December 16-24 Masses at 6am Click here for more info https://holyfamilysanjose.org/events/simbang-gabi-masses _self
    Christmas Mass Schedule click here for more https://holyfamilysanjose.org/events/christmas-masses-3 _self
    Do you have a Pre-K - 12th Gr Child? Click here for info about faith formation https://holyfamilysanjose.org/faith-formation-1 _blank
    Download our parish app today Click here to go to My Parish App website and find links there https://myparishapp.com _blank